Codeable Review

I joined Codeable as a developer in November of 2017, so I am still pretty new to the platform. Here are my story and impressions to date.

The Interview

The interview process is robust, but what was immediately apparent was the support I received from every staff member. Even though I was still in the application process, I was treated with tremendous respect. The whole process was designed to get to know me a little bit and discover who I truly am. Codeable did not simply check off a bunch of boxes and look for any faults so as to accept or reject my application. Instead, they looked for my strengths and gave me ample opportunity to demonstrate them. I have never felt so strongly supported during an application or hiring process.

The Work

Codeable receives a huge variety of project briefs covering a variety of topics. Yes, most projects are directly related to WordPress, but it is amazing the variety of websites that are built on WordPress today. I quickly realized that not every project is my cup of tea. In fact, if you are an incoming developer, that is the greatest advice I can give. Consider your experience. What are your greatest successes? What are your greatest failures? On Codeable you do not need to take everything that comes your way. Practice saying no to work that is not your niche, even if it is a repeat client. It is not worth your time, or your client’s to try and take on projects that are not within the narrow range of your absolute best. Yes, on Codeable we are all experts, generally speaking, with WordPress. However, don’t be afraid to redefine yourself within the expert category. If you are not top notch at a particular task, someone else on Codeable is.

Coming from my background in custom themes, I was constantly expanding the WordPress backend. As a result, one of my focus areas has become backend plugins. In this area, I can deliver some of my highest quality work and I derive satisfaction from giving website owners and operators the extra lift in managing their content and processing data.

The support

One the best parts of Codeable, is the community. After joining, you will be invited to the developer slack channel and the internal developer message board. These are invaluable resources for learning. The slack channel is busy nearly all day with people giving each other advice, discussing coding best practices and the occasional party parrot gif.  Simply monitoring the slack channel gives me a boost of motivation and knowledge.

The staff has been tremendous. They are always available, happy to answer questions and want to see me succeed.

The result

The hardest part in joining Codeable is facing the high standards. It is intimidating being surrounded by so many talented developers as well as top-notch communicators and business experts. I quickly identified several areas that I wanted to focus on developing within myself and I have already been seeing the fruits of this effort.

It is my fourth month after joining and I am feeling confident on the platform. I have several clients that I am working with regularly, and I love working with them. They are energetic, with great vision but willing to listen to my perspective, take advice and help me create strong future-focused plans for their businesses.

The benefit for my family has been noticeable as well. I have a more steady stream of income and extra work is always around the corner. I am able to establish more realistic schedules and avoid as many late nights or early mornings. This is important with two young daughters getting me up early every morning!

The future

I quickly decided that I would be routing all my future clients (outside of my local rural clients) through the Codeable platform. The value of their service is undeniable both for developers and clients. I maintain some pre-existing outside relationships but expect to be spending 1/2 to 3/4 of my time working through Codeable. Codeable will continue to help me work at my dream job of web development, while living in a small, low-tech town, surrounded by ice and snow.